Electrical Engineering Graduation Assignment

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Your mission
Graduation Project – Predicting airport light failures from remotely collected data.
Are you a Master student with a background in Electrical Engineering or related and are you interested in analyzing and optimizing techniques and statistics and interested in predicting models and outcomes? Then this graduation assignment could be interesting for you. For this graduation assignment, you will be getti
ng the assignment to predict airport light failures from remotely collected data. 

About the assignment you will be doing:
Airport taxi and runway infrastructure is a critical resource for airports. Down time is very costly, and unplanned down time is even more costly. Unplanned failures of airport lights, in particular, can disrupt operations and lead to delays and increased expenses. The objective of this assignment is to develop a predictive maintenance system that utilizes data collected from the data to predict failures. By analysing the data, the goal is to identify correlations or relationships between failure mechanisms and the information collected and provide suggestions on how to improve data gathering in the infrastructure. You will be working with our (software) engineer(s) and be part of our development team.

The expected outcome of this graduation assignment is to identify correlations or relationships between failure mechanisms of airport lights and the data collected from the infrastructure. This could involve analyzing data patterns, conducting statistical analyses, and using machine learning techniques to uncover insights. Additionally, the student is expected to provide suggestions on how to improve data gathering in the infrastructure, which may include recommendations for data collection methods, sensor placement, or data quality assurance measures.

Your profile
  • You are close to complete a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering or related field.
  • You have a passion for technology and desire to make a real impact.
  • Proven expertise as an electrical engineering, with practical experience using design and calculation software in electrical engineering projects.
  • Understanding of electrical manufacturing processes and familiarity with electrical engineering codes and safety standards to ensure compliance in all projects.
  • Strong problem-solving skills to identify and resolve electrical engineering issues.
  • Keen attention to detail in designing and implementing electrical systems. 
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills to effectively coordinate and collaborate with team members and stakeholders.
  • You are motivated and eager to learn.
  • You can communicate clearly, and respect made agreements.
  • You have a high degree of self-responsibility and the ability to stand your ground.
  • You have a good command of the English language (Dutch is a plus)
Why us?
What do we offer:
  • Work laptop;
  • International work environment;
  • Informal and short communication lines;
  • Substantial, diversified and educational internship;
  • Flexibility in the content of the internship depending on your preferences;
  • Compensation of €350,- per month;
  • Travel allowance.

How to Apply
Interested and looking for a challenging yet fulfilling graduation assignment/internship that will make you proud? Please contact our HR Manager Kimberlie Elevelt at +31 (0)88 0280608 or apply directly.
About us
At TKH Airport Solutions, we are committed to revolutionizing the aviation industry by providing sustainable and innovative airfield solutions. We believe that airfields should not only be safe and efficient but also environmentally friendly and technologically advanced. With this vision in mind, we have made it our mission to create green, smart, and safe airfields that are equipped with reliable, cutting-edge airfield lighting technology that reduces their environmental footprint.

TKH Airport Solutions is one of the operating companies of the Dutch stock-listed TKH Group NV, a leading technology company specialized in the development of innovative, client-centric systems that drive success in automation, digitalization and electrification. Being part of the TKH Group, our company can build on a history of 90 years in smart connectivity, energy distribution and AGL.
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